Visa is a world - wide leader in the credit card industry. Visa offers a large range of credit cards to customers around the globe, with many options and rewards to suit their customers needs. Below is a list of all Visa card sub types we have in our 

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 Debit. Visa offers several debit card options that are linked directly to the customer’s bank account. These debit cards are accepted wherever Visa credit cards are accepted.

 Credit. Visa credit cards offer rewards such as travel points, airline miles and cash back on purchases. There are many options available to Visa credit card customers.

 AARP. This is a cash back credit card issued by Chase, with unlimited cash back, added protection, and automatic contributions. Visa AARP cards are generally mentioned as Chase Cards in the US.

 ATM only. A classic debit card that can be used anywhere in the world. These cards are designed exclusively for ATM use and are not eligible to be used as credit cards for in-store or on line purchases.

 Business. Visa Business cards offer credit and debit card services. They target small businesses and provide additional services, low fees and extra business discounts.

 Check Card. The Visa Check Card is simply another name for a Visa debit card.

 Classic. Visa Classic Cards come in both business and personal versions and are accepted around the world.

 Corporate. A Visa Corporate Card is a great option for large businesses and corporations. The Corporate card offers exclusive business benefits, additional security and travel rewards.

 Corporate T. This card offers many benefits for those who buy and sell goods and services around the world.

 Corporate T&E. A credit card that is offered in conjunction with Visa and T&E. A great option for those who use T&E services regularly.

 Electron. The Electron is a classic Visa ATM credit card. It can be used for purchases, payments and ATM withdrawals worldwide.

 Gift. A prepaid card option offered by Visa. The spending limit is dictated by the funds placed on the card. Additional funds may be added at any time.

 Gold. Offered to customers with high levels of income, the Gold Card offers lower discounts and fees as well as enhanced card security.

 Gold Premium. Includes all of the benefits of a Visa Gold Card, along with access to VIP lounge, travel insurance and other exclusive card perks.

 GSA Card. Designed specifically for government use. The Visa GSA card is issued to Federal employees in order to facilitate employee travel.

 Infinite. The Visa Infinite offers unlimited purchasing power worldwide. It is a great option for high-end customers who travel frequently.

 Multi-currency Corporate T. This card allows customers to make targeted sales of products and services worldwide. It is a great option for international businesses and e-commerce.

OuroCard. A Pre-Paid credit card option backed by Visa. Cards must be loaded and activated prior to initial use.

 Platinum. Visa Platinum cardholders can enjoy the benefits of multiple cards as well as additional services and rewards. It is a great option for travel.

 Plus. The Visa Plus card the global trademark of Visa ATM's all over the world and is an excellent way to gain unlimited access to your credit any time.

 Premier. This card allows customers to earn miles on over fifty airlines around the world.

 Prepaid. Visa Pre-Paid cards include gift cards and reloaded cards. Customers add funds to these cards and enjoy purchasing power in stores and on line.

 Private Label. Issued in Europe. A selective prepaid credit card which allows merchants to limit credit card acceptance to only previously nominated merchants.

 Proprietary. A credit or charge card that can only be used with one specific company. Visa routinely backs proprietary cards.

 Proprietary ATM. These cards are accepted at those ATM's which only accept Visa debit and credit cards.

 Purchasing. This is a great solution for people who purchase goods on a daily basis. It offers many perks such as instant invoice creation and cost saving options.

 Rebate. A prepaid card option that is ideal for those who utilize rebates and customer rewards. The Visa Rebate card is accepted internationally.

 Salute. Originally designed to be a credit card option for customers with low credit scores, the Salute is no longer in circulation today.

 Signature. A Visa credit card staple, this card allows customers to earn rewards, gifts and cash back.

 Signature Business. Geared exclusively toward business clients, this card allows clients to earn business perks and provides access to non-stop concierge service.

 Travel Money. A debit card which provides travelers with the security of travelers checks and the convenience of a Visa credit card.

 V Pay. A new Visa card that is exclusively designed for the European market.

 Cash. Designed for fast payment processing, the Visa Cash card features the chip on the front of the card. Data is transferred quickly and accurately to speed up purchases.

 Commerce. A Visa business card that facilitates quick payment between businesses. This card was designed to be a business management solution for both small and large corporations.

Master Card is a leading credit card company which is accepted world-wide. Master Card offers a number of different credit, debit, gift and prepaid cards to suit the needs of the global economy. Below is a list of all Visa card sub types we have in our 

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 Debit. Master Card debit cards are directly linked to the customer s bank account. They can be used for purchases anywhere that Master Card cards are accepted.

 Credit. Master Card offers a number of credit card options to their customers. Some options include prepaid and low-limit cards, high limit cards and exclusive offers, such as travel rewards and cash back.

 Charge Card. Master Card charge cards vary from standard credit cards in that they do not have a monthly spending limit. The balance must be paid in full upon receipt of the card statement.

 Black. A credit card that is accepted worldwide and offers such benefits as Global Service, travel and rental insurance and insurance for baggage loss, trip delay and trip cancellation.

 Blue. The Master Card Blue Card allows customers to withdraw up to 30% of their credit limit in cash. It is accepted for payment worldwide.

 Business. Master Card Business cards are geared specifically toward small and medium business owners. They offer low fees and many benefits.

 Business Elite. Similar to the Master Card Business Card, the Business Elite Card offers additional perks and benefits to cardholders.

 Corporate. An excellent option for small and large businesses, the Master Card Corporate Card can be used to cover business expenses around the world.

 Corporate Fleet Card. Designed for travel and transport companies, the Master card Corporate Fleet Card allows business owners to control and monitor employee spending and manage business costs.

 Corporate Purchasing. The Corporate Purchasing Card by Master Card is intended to streamline corporate purchases and business-to-business transactions. This card allows managers to easily track and control inter-business commerce.

 Direct. Created for young individuals at least 15 years of age, the Master Card Direct is a cash and payment card that is accepted at ATM's and points of sale.

 Electronic Orange. A prepaid debit card option. The card must be loaded with cash prior to use. Cards can be reloaded as desired.

 Electron. A widely-accepted card that can be used as a credit card, or debit card if the customer wishes to link the card to their bank account.

 Global Payment. Master Card Global Payment cards are accepted anywhere around the world.

 GM Card. A business level card which offers cash back rewards and no annual fees.

 Gold. Gold credit card offers clients extra protection against fraudulent purchases, as well as perks such as insurance.

 Gold Premium. The Gold Premium card offers all of the advantages of the Master Card Gold Card along with extra benefits and rewards.

 Government Commercial Card. A credit card that is designed to increase travel convenience and purchases specifically for government employees.

 Master Money. A universally-accepted Master Card Debit Card option.

 New World. Created as a joint venture between Master Card, Barclay and US Airways, the New World card is designed to offer customers the ultimate in travel rewards and airline miles.

 Pay Pass Card. This card offers extended services for Master Card debit, credit and prepaid card customers.

 Platinum. Platinum Master Card offers lower interest rates and additional cash back rewards.

 Prepaid. These cards have no credit check, no activation fee, and offers cash back on daily purchase. Cards are activated by adding cash funds at any financial institution or issuing store.

 Purchasing. Accepted in any bank system that accepts Cirrus or Maestro brand cards, the Master Card Purchasing card is a great option for every day buying.

 Quantum. The Master Card Quantum is one of the prepaid credit card options available to consumers.

 Standard. The Master Card Standard is the most popular Master Card option. It is a basic credit card.

 Virtual. Master Card Virtual cards are geared toward customers with lower income levels. They offer the security of credit card purchasing while maintaining a low spending limit.

 World. The Master Card World Card is reserved for clients with high credit ratings and high income levels.

 World Debit Embossed. This card can be linked directly to a customers bank account and used to make purchases or withdraw money wherever Master Card is accepted.

 World Elite. A VIP Master Card for high-ranking customers, this card offers high levels of rewards and credit card perks.

 World for Business. This Master Card caters exclusively to VIP corporate customers.